Estimating for Contractors

At Construction Q we can support your in house estimating and QS team when resources are stretched.

We work for several contractors on a monthly retainer providing a bespoke estimating service.

Others use us on an ad-hoc basis for those important projects where it’s all about the detail.

Estimating for Contractors

The team at CQ are efficient, reliable and great value for money.

Construction Q provide the professional support and advice needed when our in-house resources are at full capacity. Whether it be providing a Bill of Quants, a priced tender or a high level contract review, the team at CQ are efficient, reliable and great value for money. It’s the first call we make in peak periods. Thanks guys!

- Andy Craig, Director, Craig Consultancy Services

What We Do

What Do We Do?

We currently work with several main contractors, integrating ourselves into their business. Whether this be at tender stage providing expert advice with regard to formulating win strategies, or finding that angle that separate’s your tender from the competition. This can be a subtle re-design or value engineering, or ensuring committed subcontract buy in and returns. The end result –  the most economic nett construction cost for you. 

Why is This Different?

AWe have found that integrating a member of our team into live organisations also has benefits from a communication perspective. It means we are able to fully educate and proactively amend our Bills of Quantities or Cost Plans making them more accurate and suited to your needs.

What Else Can We Offer?

This process can then be carried straight through to agreeing contract conditions and reviewing amendments. Concise contractual advice in the negotiation stages of your contracts protects your business and prevent issues arising down the line. We will review the contract and contract amendments ensuring the contract is not stacked against you from day one. We would then cascade this down to your team by holding a Powers and Obligations meeting to ensure that you and your team are fully aware of the contract conditions you are engaging in. 


Many Contractors struggle with what they are signing up to. It’s obviously better to understand what you are agreeing to – prior to signature. Often these onerous one-sided terms can be amended. We can help you to identify risks and opportunities from the time of tender through to final account and provide advice on your contractual position ensuring you protect your interests and maximise your contractual and financial entitlements.


Builders Quants

Suited for those projects where you need an idea of costs and are looking to negotiate the contract sum with the client. We use traditional methods for take offs and industry data or your own supply chain for the pricing.


As well as the measurement and pricing we can review the whole tender package on your behalf ensuring that any information with a cost implication is picked up. A useful resource when many tenders run into 1000’s of pages of documentation.


Perhaps you are just looking for a more professional image for your company. We can show you how to present your quotations in an easy to understand format

Contracts Review

Commercial schemes will mean that you are presented with a Contract to sign. How can you ensure that the terms are fair? We will review the documents and provide advice on the questions that need to be answered before you sign.

Final Accounts

Unsure why your project isn’t making money? Have you a difficult client who doesn’t want to pay for the extras. Let us review the account and deal with it on your behalf.

Dispute Resolution

The team at CQ are well rehearsed in handling disputes. We will review the contract documentation, make contact with your client, and hopefully move things forward in a professional and amicable manner.

Freelance Staff

There may be occasions we can supplement your own resources with a regular slot per week from a member of our team – either to close out a troublesome Final Account or take over regular Valuations. Please get in touch for more details and hourly rates.