Great House Giveaway

Great House Giveaway

2019 was an extremely exciting year for Construction Q as fame and fortune beckoned. Well almost….

We were delighted to be appointed as Consultant Surveyors for Chwarel on their new tv series for Channel 4. Dubbed the new ‘Location, Location, Location’, the programme features derelict properties in need of some TLC. These properties are then gifted to 2 contestants to renovate – with a budget. If the property makes a profit once resold, the contestants keep the money which then enables them to get their own foot on the property ladder.

Our work involved reviewing the houses at auction, visiting the properties, and advising on the works needed. We were then responsible for setting the budgets for renovation – they had to be realistic – but also a challenge! It was great fun working on these properties and many came with a health warning! We cant wait to see the finished produce when the programme airs later this year.

Our Director, Fiona Hull, was interviewed by the host Simon O Brien for several of these schemes. Although we think our scenes are on the cutting room floor (!) it was still a fantastic experience and we are looking forward to being retained for series 2!

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