Construction Q have a wealth of experience in luxury properties – be that newbuild or refurbishments.


Although the main focus of our business is the Commercial Market we have a wealth of experience in luxury properties – be that newbuild or refurbishments.

Your home and your buildings are a massive part of your life. So much so that you need specialist advice when dealing with matters surrounding them. It stands to reason to have a quantity surveyor on your side when making the significant investment of construction work on a small or large scale.

Typical services that we would recommend include:


Suited either to Commercial Schemes looking to seek approval from Banks or Building Societies, or Home Owners looking for an idea of costs before committing to the works. An Elemental Cost Plan will split your initial Architects Plan into the elements of the Build and apportion accurate budgets using industry cost data. Measures will also be carried out if appropriate and if the drawings are detailed enough. It is recommended that a Cost Plan only be used as a means to securing funds. A more thorough and accurate costing exercise should be carried out before proceeding with the works. It is also a useful benchmark at an early stage for clients completing a scheme on a grand scale.


For clients who don’t yet have a fixed idea of the works they want carrying out, we can provide ‘wish list’ costing for up to 3 options. This gives our clients the opportunity to play around with the specification and scope of works, seeing what is feasible for their given budget before progressing to planning.


This lists out all of the components of your Project and is used as a pricing document for all of your builders. This way you can ensure that all of your quotes are on a like for like basis. It is a basic document that acts as a good starting point.


Suited to projects in excess of £500,000, this is a much more detailed analysis of all the works to be involved in the Project. Referred to as the BQ, this document lists the exact measurements (how many m2 of brick etc). The advantages are that it gives cost certainty. A blank BQ can then be used to send to all of the Construction Companies / Subcontractors. An advantage of the Blank BQ is that it encourages people to price so you will receive more quotations.


This service is the same as that of providing a blank BQ, but taking it 1 step further. Construction Q will price the Blank BQ to give you an accurate cost for your project. This priced BQ can then be used as a benchmark for all quotations that you receive.


This service involves compiling all of the relevant information that you have for your project (including producing a Schedule of Works), selecting suitable companies to approach, sending the tender documents, and analysing the quotations as they are received. Sounds simple? This is often the area where most people get caught out by the ‘Cowboy Builder’. Analysis of the quotations and selection of the right builder is crucial to any project. Construction Q will also discuss Payment Terms, Retention & Discounts with all quoting companies.


Construction Q will advise on the available forms of Contract. Once agreement is reached, this Contract will then be prepared for execution by the Client and the Contractor. This is a vital aspect of any project and we recommend this service on all schemes regardless of value.


Once the Project is underway, it is vital to manage the process. We advise regular site inspections to be carried out by Construction Q. A written report will be provided listing the progress to date against the original programme. This will enable you to see if your project is on track. Any unforeseen extras can be picked up and quoted for.


This can be carried out in conjunction with a Project Management Service (or in isolation). It is very important to ensure that the works are valued at regular intervals so that you have confidence that you are not overpaying your builder. Construction Q will value the works, provide an Interim Certificate of Payment for your Builder, and deal with any financial concerns the Builder may have at this stage. (In other words if you are being asked for additional monies, we will establish whether this is justified).


This is a monthly retainer that ensures we deal with all commercial aspects of your project once on site. As part of this fee we will carry out weekly site inspections with a written report, a monthly cost report, chair design team meetings including issuing minutes and also carry out the formal valuation including the issue of the payment certificate for your chosen builder. We are confident that this service adds value to the project – the only question is any potential overlap with your other consultants? If this is the case then we can amend the services and alter the fee accordingly.


Having problems with your Builder? Have you lost confidence in their ability to deliver? How do you know their claims for additional payment are justified? Or maybe, you just don’t want to be the one to have to have that ‘awkward chat’ We can review the project and advise of appropriate steps going forward – including any legal ramifications and contractual obligations. The first consultation is free of charge. Following this we will make recommendations and offer a fixed fee or work on our hourly rate.


Whichever package that you decide is of interest, we have not yet had a project where our fee has not been recouped in full through either negotiation with the builder, spotting discrepancies with the tenders, or offering value engineering advice (ways to save money without compromising on quality).